Kundalini Yoga Reviews

The upheaval of 2020 gave me a chance to sit under Rocky’s teaching three times per week. I have found kundalini yoga helped me in ways I could not have anticipated: the emphasis on breath has made wearing masks easier, the stretching has kept back pain at bay during long zoom calls, and the meditations have delivered deep and long sleep. Of course, the sculpting of my body shape hasn’t hurt my spirits, either! The combination of self-care and Rocky care has turned a hard time into a time of growth. Thank you, Rocky!

Susie Case – Writer/Editor – Stanford University – DCI Class of 2019,

Having Rocky as my instructor in kundalini yoga has been a great privilege. If you ever get the opportunity to take one of his yoga classes, thank your lucky stars and jump right in. Rocky is wise and kind and thoughtful as he explains how and why to do each pose, so even as a beginner you have confidence. An added bonus: sometimes Rocky sings, making the class all the more beautiful. Rocky, I am so grateful to you for your expertise and your generosity as a teacher. The result for your students is a magical integration of body, mind, and spirit that leads to a more joyous appreciation of the world around us.

Roberta – Stanford, CA,
The Pandemic Pause and Beyond. From my introduction to Kundalini Yoga with Rocky a year ago I have been given a gift. Through Rocky’s practice I have been exposed to yoga in a new form, with a new devoted mentor whether in person for the first part of the year and now in its virtual form.
Rocky has instructed us consistently, gently and kindly to reach, breathe, quiet the mind and embrace our better self. When Rocky breaks out into song, there is no better place to be than on ones mat. You encouraged us to pause, think of ourselves, the role we play and more importantly the role we play in our greater community. We have been given a precious gift each and every day with Rocky’s presence.
Anne-Lindsay Makepeace – Stanford DCI Partner Class of 2019 – New York & London,

The consistent practice of Kundalini Yoga over the last six months resulted in many benefits: Improved sleep, better breathing, and the resolution of an elbow injury from two years. The combination of our breath work, meditation and movement have greatly enhanced my overall sense of wellbeing while enhancing creativity and productivity in this period of considerable stress.

Professor Margaret Levi,

The kundalini yoga I learned with Rocky has been a source of connection with my psychic life, my well-being and a learning about my own body, mind and spirit. It has been a real exercise in discipline and flexibility, learning different ways of breath, kriyas, chants, postures, and movements which have accompanied me on this journey. Rocky knows how to be unique for each participant and has been humble, wise and patient to keep us all in harmony working with this inner connection. Thanks, Rocky, for being a true master.

Mireya Vargas – Stanford Fellow DCI 2019,

When my wife and I decided to enter the Stanford DCI (Distinguished Careers Institute) I was willing to move to California for the year. Under protest. And I personally said to myself that I would NOT do yoga. OR meditation. OR eat avocado on toast.

Then I met the DCI people, and especially met Rocky. He proved to be one of the warmest, most honest, most sincere people I’ve ever met.

I joined his kundalini class in September, 2019, and still practice with him at every opportunity. His practice, I find, is gentle for the elder person, like myself. It includes extensive meditation, especially with meditative breathing.

I am now removed to the East Coast, and continue to attend his sessions. These times together enrich my life. It is a joy to see him and follow his lead with our fellow yogis. He centers us almost instantly now, and we are calm, sedate, and ready to proceed. We apply ourselves physically, and, more importantly, mentally to find a restful state.

I have always been a very factual, hands-on scientific type person. And I still am such a person. Rocky makes me see a bit beyond. He has made me think reflectively like I have not before. I value this expanded scope of vision. I thank him so much.

I now do yoga and meditate. I do not eat avocado on toast.

Kurt Alexander,

I am a dedicated believer in the value of yoga for physical and mental fitness, healthy aging and the harmonization of body, mind and spirit. At the age of 71 I have experienced hundreds of yoga classes, multiple styles of yoga, and dozens of different teachers. Rocky Blumhagen is the best of them all. He is knowledgeable, experienced, gifted at teaching and communicating, and brings a spiritual awareness to the practice of yoga that is uniquely enlightening and balancing.

A kundalini yoga practice led by Rocky is the best way to start the day and live the day in buoyant positivity, especially in these challenging times. It is a life changer. I consider my yoga practice with Rocky as a gift of wellbeing that I am so fortunate to be able to give to myself.

Rod Tallman,

What I love most about Rocky’s Kundalini Yoga sessions is that they made yoga accessible for me. Rocky made me welcome, suggested modifications and was so encouraging that it made me feel more confident. Rocky’s personal touch, deep knowledge of kundalini and zest for us all to live better is habit-forming (in a good way!). The breath work has eased my asthma symptoms greatly, which keeps me coming back for more!

Carol Boyle Schrader,

I have attended live in-person, live virtual, and pre-recorded Kundalini sessions with Rocky. I like Kundalini because of the opportunity to explore and challenge myself in a unique way. Rocky is a warm, welcoming, humble and intuitive teacher. There’s a reason this hour and a half experience is a part of my regular practice!

Nicole S,

Thank you so much for yoga—it is an amazing part of my life. I was thinking that you and yoga have been one of the great gifts of my DCI year. I had never really done yoga before and was intimidated by the thought of it and “yoga positions” for my neck. But you encouraged and welcomed me with your enthusiasm —and now I am total convert!!!

You are skilled, talented and have a wonderful ability to explain both concepts and details in warmest way. You understand all of our different levels of experience and abilities. Just the sound of your beautiful voice relaxes me and inwardly makes me smile. Thank you for giving yourself and your deep knowledge to us – you are wise in not just yoga, but you have such emotional wisdom which you so generous share with us. I just wanted you to know what a valuable offering yoga is for me and all you have added to my life. Thank you – thank YOU!

Janet M,

I have tried yoga before, but I never stayed with the practice. Then I met Rocky. Enthusiasm, encouragement and kindness radiate from him. He patiently explains new postures, unfamiliar words and accommodations for injuries. After six months of Rocky’s kriyas, I move in ways that surprise me, I have increased stamina, I breathe more deeply and I leave class refreshed and relaxed. Rocky incorporates readings, chanting, music and meditation to create a rich multisensory experience. I plan my schedule around our classes and am disappointed when I can’t attend. I now have a yoga practice, and I am forever grateful.

love, Susan,

On Day 65 of Kundalini Yoga
I experience what Rocky has been talking about all this time
The integration of Mind, Body and Spirit
Stunningly simple and uncomplicated
A moment on my mat
When everything both past and present matters not
Where bliss lives
In the house of Sat Nam
My Truth

Melanie Karsen,

I like the focus on breathing that is a part of Kundalini Yoga. With consistent practice, I find my breathing is smoother and deeper and I am more aware of the quality of my breathing and of the times when I stop breathing. In addition, I stand taller, am more aware of my posture.

While it is not always intuitive to me, Rocky is so good at explaining the yoga poses in a virtual setting. I have tried other Yoga classes throughout the years and never felt comfortable, so I didn’t stick with the practice. Rocky created an environment where I felt comfortable as a novice. Now I even have a posture named after me! Just in our class, but I’m very proud of this accomplishment!

Susan C,

It has been a wonderful experience practicing Yoga with you all, guided by Rocky! It became one of the highlights of my DCI experience, and helped me to stay calm and mindful during the pandemic. A special thank you to Rocky! I’ve been practicing Yoga following Rocky’s videos on his website. It was wonderful to hear him calling our names, making me feel I’m there with you all. I’m flying back to Shanghai today and will go through a 14-day quarantine. I will continue to practice Yoga on-line and breathe with you all in mind.

Lan Kang – Stanford DCI Fellow – Class of 2019, Shanghai, China,

This kriya is wonderful and very intense. I could barely speak after it on Sunday to say thank you. The way you led us through it was so thoughtfully and skillfully done. I also felt very grateful for your reading of the Yeats poem and the passage on the tension between insisting on sharing one’s world with a loved one and respecting their own strengths, limitations, and gifts. I have certainly found that a challenge as time goes on. Many thanks again for allowing me to join you for these wonderful classes.


What a gift to be invited to share to share the rarified space with this wonderful group. While I have studied yoga for a couple years, I was new to Kundalini when I began classes with you, Rocky. I am so impressed with the Kriyas and the way you have woven them together to really give rotating attention to all areas of the body, mind, and spirit. Through meditation, breath-work, and some killer arm sets, I have appreciation for this new-found style of yoga and for you as our wonderful instructor. The dedication and commitment you model is humbling. Thank you for the depth of heart and presence you offer us all.


Vocalist & Actor Performance Reviews

The release of “Easy to Love” brings smiles and emotion as Rocky’s evening of Cole Porter hit songs was polished, classy and heartfelt. His singing brought back an era of musical delights when popular songs were truly works of art. What a fun concert it was!


Ed Dixon – Manager, WW Symphony,

Ellen and I saw the show tonight and your singing was sensational. I loved the swinging arrangements and the way you crafted the medleys. Your acting was terrific. We can’t thank you enough for alerting us to your show By the way, when I was about three years old my father took me back stage during a Sinatra performance (a friend was pianist). According to family legend I began to run toward the stage and Sinatra grabbed me and put me in his lap. One final thought – I love your Cole Porter CD. Have played it dozens of times crossing the Golden Gate bridge from home to the UCSF Mission Bay campus!

Nelson B. Schiller, MD – Cardiologist, UCSF,

Let’s talk about that performance! There are not enough !!! on my computer to describe our appreciation and enjoyment of your Gershwin Showcase for the Siletz Bay Music Festival. We laughed, we cried, and you even let us sing with you. Such high quality – you and Susannah are a high-powered, dynamic duo – flawless transitions – each number beautifully performed. Thank you for bringing the Festival to closure on such a high note!

Christine Tell – Board of Directors, Siletz Bay Music Festival,

Your CD… It is absolutely a gem. When it first started, my perfect pitch ears went a little crazy with what I thought was dissonance in the track but then I realized the genius of Ron Abel in using the straining of the melody to create improvisation and attract attention. All I can say is I loved the entire CD, especially, “Let’s Fall In Love.” As a lyricist, I pay special attention to any deviation to the original. I hate it when someone changes or adds to my lyrics. But this was so well crafted that I did not feel offended or sympathetic to the writer. Congratulations and best of luck on it’s success. I plan to order a few for Christmas gifts.

A Happy Listener,

Super! LOVE the narrative arc. Excellently crafted. Fabulous trio and vocal quartet – you guys are nailing those complex harmonies and it is a pleasure to the ear! I especially like how the chemistry between the four of you is developing through the show. You’re in great voice and those dance moves work well!!

Rebecca Schumacher – Sotheby’s International Realty,

Yesterday’s performance was simply stunning, enjoyable, heart-warming and lovely. Jeff and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves… Charlie Creasy’s arrangements are brilliant. The Irving Berlin Songbook contains some real memorable, beautiful pieces. Thanks for stirring our hearts with the group sing-along of God Bless America. I do hope you all get to perform this again. I know this was quite the undertaking for you along with production. My personal thank-you and big hugs for a beautiful, memorable evening. 

Christine & Jeff ,

This CD is a masterpiece. The selection of songs, sung by “The Crooner Extraordinaire” will keep your ears glued to the speakers, your fingers and toes tapping to the beat and your heart craving more and more. This is entertainment personified with powerhouse arrangements, extremely well produced but above all, vocals that give you a lift to the heights of pleasure and satisfaction. I highly recommend it as a must add to your collection of favorite CDs.

Arnold Capitanelli – Gold and Platinum Award winning composer, Author, Publisher and Producer,

We are still smiling about the truly wonderful, talented show yesterday. Rocky, you are our rock star!! We enjoyed every moment of it – your solo talent, the arrangements, the harmonies.

Elaine Wang Meyerhoffer – Independent Music Professional,

Sure enjoyed your performance last night! You held the audience in the palm of your hand. It’s great how you always educate your audience. I read more about Harry Warren (Salvatore Antonio Guaragna) cool he was a pro drummer at 14! And composer of over 800 songs as you said. It was a terrific evening…. (we) enjoyed it very much . Thanks again for making “Culture of Course” shine with culture. Great job!

Stacey Brown – Attendee at “An Affair to Remember” – Fundraiser Benefit for LCCC – Lincoln City, OR,
You best submit this (Easy to Love CD) for a Grammy because you will win and I will vote for you! There are no words to describe the level of talent you show on this album. Everything from your performance to the band, the arrangement, the musicians, the engineer – All are SUPERB! It does not get better than this, ever! BRAVO!
Grant Taylor,

How dare you, Rocky.  With mountains of work to do this morning, I was pulled away by your amazing CD.  What a welcome diversion, indeed. I actually want to thank you for this incredible journey back to my childhood… Mom and Dad with the first stereo in the neighborhood, melodious Cole Porter tunes echoing throughout our living room. Thank you, Rocky.  I knew there was an extraordinary person in you from the moment we met. Encore! 

Pamela Roberts,

It was so wonderful to hear your beautiful voice and to watch you perform – I was mesmerized by how present you were, and how you sang from the depths of your soul.

Colleen ,

There is nothing more fun than a revue of well known music when it hits the mark! And, there is no doubt that a strong ensemble is a key ingredient. But through the lens of a director, it is the leadership, energy and style that make revue magic happen … that elevate the experience, lifting it off the charts and into the hearts of an eager crowd. Rocky, the producers of this little gem were lucky to find that leader in you: a pro with such great energy who needs no roadmap around this material, knows his way around a song and can still “dish the dirt” with the rest of the company. Thank you for such a delightful,memorable evening – ol’ blue eyes would tip his fedora to you for this awesome salute to his songbook!

Mary Bettini – Director/Choreographer, New York – Retired Bay Area Theatre Educator,

Your Cole Porter CD arrived but a week or so ago and it was worth the wait. The love and appreciation of his genius shines through in your arrangements and interpretation of his tmeless work. Your voice to me incorporates the best of Anthony Newly and Michael Feinstein. the cover art reflects the taste and sophistication of the composer you honor. Well done my friend and thanks for sending it along!

Noah Griffin – The Cole Porter Society,

Thank you SOOO much for calling our attention to this! We had just a fantastic time. It was marvelous to get to hear you perform, Both of us were so impressed at how you can adjust your style and work the audience — Whether in a huge auditorium or an intimate setting like tonight’s space. You are such a pro!

Lisa Lapin – Communications Director, Stanford,

….. it was stunning, my friend! You did Cole real justice. Your up-tempos bounced and your ballads flowed. I particularly liked the introspective slower motions of several songs – nothing unhurried, everything thoughtful. I also was taken with your immediate and easy rapport with the audience. Most important, the audience was given complete honesty both in your singing and in your talking…

Denis Moreen – Pianist, Music Director,

‘My Way’ is “Sultry” and “Charismatic” – Step into an era of glamour, sultry romance and electrifying glances from across the room… The ensemble plays off each other with glorious harmony and a moving rendition of “It Was a Very Good Year” passing verses back and forth with elegant transitions, moving into a toe-tapping gospel style chorus for “That’s Life.” Infused with poetic passion, Cinnabar’s production is, as Sinatra would say, “the good life, full of fun.”

Alexia Chipman – Argus Courier,

Can’t thank you enough for inviting us to share in that incredible evening. We enjoyed ourselves immensely — it was truly a feast for the senses and for the soul. I’m looking forward to more opportunities to hear you perform — yes, I AM a fan!

Rachel Kayhan,

The show was just terrific, and you were constantly a highlight. Great voice, presence, and styling. And boy can you find your light!!!! Hard to isolate stand-out moments as the whole piece sizzled. Your “I’ll Be Seeing You” brought new depth to a familiar standard. I also enjoyed your casual but infectious interaction with the other singers – bringing such a variety of experiences to the material. I guess we’re both still enjoying the memories of the moments from last night’s performance.

p.s. “One for My Baby”, was absolutely A+. Your intimate story-telling and using your pianist as the bartender was inspired. It turned a routine standard into a contemporary reflection on loss.

Tom Blank – Former Theatre Critic Anaheim Bulletin – Professor of Theatre & Film, Ohlone College & Fullerton College – SAG/AEA,

Rocky, THANK YOU.  What a show!  One donor while handing me a check said, “My wife and I would spend $400.00 in New York for a show like this, please keep bringing us this quality entertainment and we will continue supporting Siletz Bay Music Festival.” The details, the precision, the vocals, the floor show, the entertainers.  WOW. THANK YOU.

Chuck Feist – Executive Director, Siletz Bay Music Festival,
Your CD is awesome! I listened to it on the way to LC yesterday. There were two tracks left after I arrived, so I had to sit in the car just to hear the last two. Great job! I hope you submit this CD for Grammy considerations!
Brett Paschal,

Rocky’s performance of An Evening of Cole Porter with the Walla Walla Symphony was fun, polished and simply delightful. Our near sold-out audience loved it and his performance brought them to their feet.

Leah Wilson-Velasco – CEO, Walla Walla Symphony,

“Easy to Love” arrived today. And from the first notes of the first track, we were captivated. Remarkable! “Sinatra Sings the Select Cole Porter” is no longer my favorite collection. Thanks so much for brightening a busy day!

David Gomberg,

You are an amazing man and talent. I was swirling my bourbon and coke to your music. Made for a nice evening.

Stephan Smith,

The first act includes more lesser-known songs, and they’re a lot of fun, and then ends with a nice nod to Sinatra’s later career. Act two packs a wallop with more of the big blockbuster hits, given great arrangements appropriate to the numbers. Oddly enough, as you hear these contemporary performers knocking out a song, you feel somehow transported, as if hearing Sinatra’s voice simultaneously in your head– being reminded of what a great song it was when Sinatra recorded it for posterity and not feeling in the least cheated. It’s a strange kind of stereo magic, and totally works. No review of the show would be complete without mentioning the trio of musicians playing backup– Cesar Cancino, who is also the show’s music director, does a mean jazz piano; teamed with Jan Martinelli on bass and Randy Hood on drums. Seamless, unobtrusive and yet standout.

Jeanie Smith – TBA Critic at Large,

After SO many years, I finally had the opportunity to see you perform live. And what a fun show it was! Rocky, when you spoke of the memory work and harmonies involved in the Sinatra show I had no idea. Wow! You weren’t kidding! It was such a treat, an ear-tickling joy to hear the complexity of the arrangements and the absolutely stunning 4-part voicing. Every note hit with precision. So much so that several times during the performance I caught myself grinning from ear to ear in sheer delight at the aural yumminess and looking around to see others tickled in the same way.
Rocky, your solos and duets were wonderful. The warmth of your voice, the light of your presence on stage, and your generosity of spirit as part of the greater group – you were terrific! I had so much fun. Thank you! I loved how, as an ensemble, you were all tight and in sync – and as individuals you each owned the stage in turn. Everyone involved in the show – cast, musicians, crew, and musical and stage directors – your combined talents took the show to delightful heights. Bravo! And what a great space in which to perform – quite a gem that Cinnabar Theater. Congratulations too on your sold-out run. Way to do Frank proud!

SE Bayles – San Jose, CA,

The release of “Easy to Love” brings smiles and emotion as Rocky’s voice and the wonderful arrangements bring new life to the music and expose the beauty of the songs with fresh voice and great energy. 

Dave Numme,

Wow! Your CD is on my computer, car stereo, home stereo, and iPod and all I can say is “Wow!” All those years ago when I first heard you sing, I thought you couldn’t be better. I was wrong. Your range, energy, and emotion, together with Ron’s fabulous arrangements, combine to create a collection that could top any chart. You ARE the BEST!

Franki Keefe,

I have to tell you, I shared your web site with a first friend – she was reminded of all her favorites – her dad was an opera singer in Yugoslavia and in Cole Porter’s era. Of course, we share Bocelli, Frangoulis and Blumhagen… All rich, sensual voices!

Jan Robinson,

Rocky you sang BEAUTIFULLY!! So wonderful to hear you again!


It’s “easy to love” this CD! Blumhagen renders these classic tunes with tenderness & contemporary sass. Listen to it in the car: you’ll feel the luscious arrangements wrap around you like a mink stole, and go to straight to your head like a martini without the alcohol!

Rachel Kayhan,