Essential Yoga Props

“The Yoga for Healthy Aging” addresses the importance of using props as we age. While Kundalini Yoga rarely calls for props, as we explore postures, many may find it helpful to incorporate them into their practice.

This list of basics includes wonderful props to have available for your home practice:

Yoga Mat – I have heard good feedback on the Manduka “PROlite” 71 inch mat. The Jade “Harmony Mat has good grip if you tend to sweat a bit more than average. If you are looking for a more cost-effective option, I hear that a great starter mat is the Jade “Level 1 Yoga mat.” Want something with some extra padding? Manduka “PRO” 71 inch. Or super lightweight? Jade “Travel Yoga Mat.” You can find these mats via REI, Amazon, or Jade – pricing can vary site to site. A good yoga mat is a worthwhile investment. 

TWO Yoga Blocks – Cork, wood, or foam – There are many kinds of blocks. Some are too light and some are heavy and slick like my wood blocks pictured here. One brand of cork blocks that are particularly good are “Hugger Mugger.” Available on Amazon Prime or from Yoga Outlet

Yoga Strap/Belt – Similar to the one pictured here (some prefer using a rubber band in lieu of a strap).

Yoga Blankets – Dense, natural fiber, woven blankets for padding under the body or weight and warmth during Shavasana. 

Bolster – This is a large, densely-filled pillow. Sit atop, recline over, or use it to support your body as needed.

There are many choices for these products through the Amazon Yoga page and Yoga Outlet. Remember to have a look at what users have to say in the product reviews on these websites before you buy. As I have suggestions for specific products that my students prefer, I will make sure to add them here.


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Favorite Cards

Find: Mudras for Awakening the Energy Body

This wonderful set of 40 artful cards features 7 Chakras and 33 Mudras. Each has been selected for their particular ability to focus energy and expand consciousness. With colorful artwork on one side and instructions on the other, these cards are accompanied by a 112-page illustrated guidebook.  Within its pages you’ll find informational descriptions as well as guided meditations designed to support you as you begin to put the mudras into the practice.

“Mudras: For Awakening the Energy Body is a deck and book set that I have had my eye on for months now, before it was even released out onto the market. The production value by U.S. Games here is way high. If yoga, meditation, or Eastern mysticism is of any interest to you, then I recommend that you get this deck.” – Benebell

Read a Wonderful Explanation & Product Review by Benebell
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Please remember, if you have questions or want to learn more, you can visit the 3HO Organization – Such a treasure and phenomenal resource. I encourage you to explore all it has to offer and learn more about why I find the practice of Kundalini Yoga such an all encompassing experience.  – Rocky 

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Easy to Love

Easy to Love, is a lush and fully orchestrated tribute to Cole Porter. It was recorded and mastered at Kung Fu Bakery Recording in Portland, Oregon with members of the Portland Chamber Orchestra. The recording was made over a two-week period in the summer of 2010 and the mixing process took nearly a week.  The end result is truly a product from a bygone era. No synthesizers and all live musicians.  “I can tell you it was heaven, singing through the headset with the lushness of all those strings! Oh What a Dream Come True!” – Rocky