Why the 1000 Day Yoga Challenge?

It was September, 2019. A cohort of forty fellows and partners matriculated into Stanford’s Distinguished Careers Institute and began their year together on campus.

To support the program’s three pillars of longevity – purpose, wellness, and community – I offered to teach the cohort a twice-weekly Kundalini Yoga class.

When COVID-19 forced the global shutdown, I switched the teaching format to online for an expected thirty days before we would return to campus.

We had our first virtual Zoom class on Sunday, March 15, 2020. Before long, we had achieved 100 days of practice…and then 200 days.


The 1000 Day Yoga Challenge

At day 200, the inspiration of practicing 1000 days of Yoga became an energizing goal. From March 15, 2020 to December 10, 2022 will add up to 1000 days of consecutive yoga and mindfulness practice.

I invite you to take up this challenge and practice yoga with me until we reach this 1000-day goal. We will practice five days per week as a group and two days per week as your own private practice. You can choose to work the chosen kriya (sequence of poses) for the week, or simply sit quietly and mindfully on your mat.

If you have a desire to take your mindfulness practice to a deeper level, this challenge is for you.

Welcome to our community!

Sat Nam,
Rocky Blumhagen



Purpose. Community. Wellness.

Rocky Blumhagen, Stanford DCI, (Distinguished Career’s Institute, Fellow/partner Class of 2019) is a yoga and mindfulness practitioner.

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If you wish to discuss your own yoga journey to develop a deeper daily practice, please be in touch. Rocky is available for private consultation.