Week #19 – June 19-25, 2020 Kriya for Navel Center & Elimination


WEEK 19 – Kriya for Navel Center & Elimination – There are16 postures in this Kriya sequence, a nice combination of seated and standing postures and of course a real work out for the core and the 3 lower chakras. After all this Kriya is all about elimination and strengthening the core muscles. When the core strong the lower back is stronger and can handle more stress when lifting and turning.

CHANTS in this Kriya include:

Adi Mantra – I bow to the Creative Wisdom. I bow to the Divine Teacher within.
This mantra is used for “tuning in” to the divine flow and self knowledge within each of us. We chant it three times. Once for ourselves, once for the people in your class and once for the greater world.

Long Time Sun – Closing song of all Kundalini Yoga classes worldwide.
May the long time sun
Shine upon you
All love surround you
And the pure light within you
Guide your way on

PRANAYAMA – BREATHING in this Kriya includes:

All Kundalini breath work is through the nose unless otherwise instructed.


Kriya for Navel Center & Elimination
Originally taught by Yogi Bhajan, July 2, 1969 – I like the breath work and chanting mantras in this Kriya. I mentioned on Sunday, the first day we practiced this sequence; American culture shares very little group singing, unless you participate an organized religion. When we sing or chant together, our heartbeats actually harmonize and sync into rhythm with each other.

So sing out loud with the track when you chant “Ek Ong Kaar, Sat Ta Nam, Siree Wahay Guroo” at the end of this sequence. I will attach the text and translation and I share screen at that point, so the text will be present when you are chanting.

Also the two breathing exercises before the final chant uses a mental Sat Nam and the powerful Sat Kriya. Be sure and draw the belly in as you chant “Sat” and exhale, relax the belly on “Nam.” This can get confusing because we generally breathe the opposite. The inhale happens as the belly expands and the exhale happens as the belly contracts. Sat Nam.

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