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Week #21 – Aug 2-8, 2020
Kriya for Metabolism & Relaxation & Meditation on the Self


WEEK 26 – Kriyas to Release and Remove Negativity and Tension

The opening of this Kriya with arms extended sixty degrees stretching up and down, immediately sets the tone to open your heart and breathe deeply. There are only 15 Frogs which are certainly doable and the exercise where we stand on our tiptoes is challenging and well worth doing. I walked around for three minutes to pass the time strengthening my instep and calf muscles and working on my balance as well.

It is a good idea to have a bolster or stack of blankets you can lean back on while sitting in Rock or Thunderbolt/Vajarasana pose. Most of us do not have hamstrings and quads that release so fully to lie all the way back on the floor, plus this places a lot of strain on the knees. I’ll attach a couple of photos so you can see how many props I’m talking about.

The floor poses on the second page of the Kriya are not demanding and prepare you nicely for the closing, chanting, meditative sequence.

Remember – If you are on your Moon/Menstrual cycle no held breath, substitute with long and deep breathing.

CHANTS in this Kriya include:

Adi Mantra – I bow to the Creative Wisdom. I bow to the Divine Teacher within.
This mantra is used for “tuning in” to the divine flow and self knowledge within each of us. We chant it three times. Once for ourselves, once for the people in your class and once for the greater world.

CHANTS in this Kriya include:

Artist and CD – Aurora Wheel of Sound 1
CD Track: Aad Gurey Nameh

Long Time Sun – Closing song of all Kundalini Yoga classes worldwide.
May the long time sun
Shine upon you
All love surround you
And the pure light within you
Guide your way on

PRANAYAMA – BREATHING in this Kriya includes:

One pose in the beginning kriya uses Breath of Fire/Kapalabhati Breathing, the even forced inhale and exhale through the nose. Otherwise we are using long/deep breathing. There is also a box breathing section where we breathe a four-second inhale, a four-second exhale and four breath pumps of the diaphragm while the lungs are fully exhaled. The chant translation is below.

Aad Gurey Nameh —
I honor the highest self, the guiding consciousness.

Jugaad Gurey Nameh —
I honor Wisdom through the ages.

Sat Gurey Nameh —
I honor True Wisdom.

Siree Guru Day-Vay Nameh —
I honor the great, unseen Wisdom.

The Track is from Aurora/Wheel of Sound 1
A second track of Aad Guray Nameh you may enjoy is from Dante Kolasa, his CD “So Happy Now.”

Kapalabhati Pranayama – A forced exhale through the nose, followed by an automatic inhale through the nose. The Inhale and Exhale are of equal force. This forced exhale may feel like you are blowing your nose, it is a good idea to have a tissue nearby, especially during a morning practice.

Four second Inhale. Four second Exhale and then four pumps at the navel. Pull the stomach towards the spine, in and out four times while the diaphragm is empty of air.


Kriyas to Release and Remove Negativity and Tension
Each Kundalini Yoga Kriya is so unique. This one is no different. I particularly like the stretching in this sequence. We know most disease begins with inflammation and stretching and breathing help reduce inflammation. And if you like to sing the closing 8 minute chant by Aurora has a great rhythmic beat. These ancient languages of Sanskrit and Gurmukhi are vibrational, so let your facial mask vibrate as you sing.

In our western culture we don’t have many opportunities to actually sing. And singing is a great way to express emotion and it requires deep breathing as well… so go for it and sing out!

Sat Nam.

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