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Week #35 – November 10-15, 2020
Kriya for Kidney & Adrenals


WEEK 35 – Kriya for Kidney & Adrenals

This is a potent sequence of exercises which primarily engages the breathing apparatus with breath of fire/Kapalabhati Breathing in order to supercharge the bloodstream with oxygen: directing that oxygen-rich blood through the kidneys balances and regulate the adrenal gland activity. The adrenal glands process low-level, on-going stress. Our heart pumps blood through one complete circuit every minute and over a 24 hour period our body pumps over 2000 gallons of blood through our arteries and veins!

Remember – If you are on your Moon/Menstrual cycle no held breath, substitute with long and deep breathing.

CHANTS in this Kriya include:

Adi Mantra – I bow to the Creative Wisdom. I bow to the Divine Teacher within. This mantra is used to access the divine flow and self-knowledge within each of us. We chant it three times. Once for ourselves, once for the people in your class and once for the greater world.

A powerful chant bringing prosperity and power. We roll the r once like a Spanish r.

These chants are ancient vibrational languages from Sanskrit or Gurmukhi. It is important to move your tongue and lips and make the sounds!

SONGS & MUSIC in this Kriya include:

There is no music in this kriya other than our closing song. If you prefer to practice without music, you will appreciate this recording.

Please check back. We are in the process of revising this content. – Thank you!

Long Time Sun – Closing song of all Kundalini Yoga classes worldwide.
May the long time sun
Shine upon you
All love surround you
And the pure light within you
Guide your way on

PRANAYAMA – BREATHING in this Kriya includes:

Kapalabhati Pranayama – A forced exhale through the nose, followed by an automatic inhale through the nose. The Inhale and Exhale are of equal force. This forced exhale may feel like you are blowing your nose, it is a good idea to have a tissue nearby, especially during a morning practice.

Note: There are some classes when we may also practice Breath of Fire through an open mouth, inhaling and exhaling through the nose. Keep the head steady and cheeks as well as you practice this “Cannon Breath.” When we do, I will make sure to explain what we are doing as we do it.

Please check back. We are in the process of revising this content. – Thank you!


Kriya for Kidney & Adrenals
This kriya allows you to focus on the three sections of the spine. Lower lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine. This morning’s warm up is from the Harvey Deutsch anatomy course with two great stretches. Hanging cobra and the Seated C Spine. Both of these warm ups really stretch the thoracic and cervical spine.

The reading during Shavasana was from Steven Cardinale, a guest writer for The Modern Elder Academy, called “The Alchemy of Age.” (See reading text in gallery below.)

We conclude the practice with 8 minutes of Alternate Nostril Breath to increase mental clarity and connection to your intuitive self.

Sat Nam.

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