Memories, and Magic of Harry Warren – With less than one week before “An Affair to Remember” debuts at the 5th Annual Benefit Gala for the Lincoln City Cultural Center, Ken French and I took part of the show for an abbreviated spin around the block.

Friends from San Francisco, San Jose, and beyond, dropped by for our casual afternoon of entertainment. It was great fun to get a handful of the show’s numbers in front of a live audience… and especially grand to see everyone in person. A heartfelt thank you to all who made the trip and braved parking in on the streets of San Francisco! You made it a very special and enjoyable day.

Why Harry Warren?

Why, the music, of course! And it’s some of the BEST!

For some time now, I’ve been crafting a wonderfully engaging show that tells the Harry Warren story. Remember Harry? In case you do not, he is the Oscar winning composer of “An Affair To Remember.” This delightful show will reacquaint you with the brilliance of Warren’s work. The only difficult thing has been choosing WHICH of his pieces to perform – Harry Warren penned quite the folio of memorable songs.

Warren was an American composer and lyricist from Brooklyn, New York and the first American songwriter of significance who composed primarily for film. With his songs featured in over 300 films, you’ll be sure to remember many and recognize them as stand-outs from the great American songbook.

Harry was in the House – Well, in the Condo for Sure!

It’s wonderful just how many folks can comfortably gather in a San Francisco condo when they’re such an interesting bunch, enjoy one other’s company, and take such pleasure in music. The Soiree was everything I had hoped – and more. A chance for dear friends to meet one another, many for the first time. And happily, an opportunity for me to take this gem of a show on a little test drive with Ken French in the driver’s seat at the piano.

Against the backdrop of beautiful, sunny day in the city, with the Bay just off in the distance, we had great fun!

The Perfect Entertainment for a Fundraising Event

This dinner/auction at the Lincoln City Cultural Center’s South Hall – Historic Delake School in Lincoln City, OR takes place on Saturday, May 4th, 2019. From 5:30pm. It raises money in support of art and culture in the local, Lincoln City community. Click here for more details about the event.

Curious about bringing this wonderful show to the stage at your next intimate Benefit event or Black Tie Fundraising Gala? Please be in touch.