The Stanford DCI  Yoga Lab, met and practiced Kundalini Yoga 289 times together this last year; from March 15, 2020 to March 15, 2021.

Our one year anniversary practice consisted of a simple warm up and easy breath work followed by individual sharing. Each participant began to express what a year on their mats meant to them. A common theme stated was how our yoga practice gave participants an anchor during the pandemic. We also built a virtual community within the halls of Zoom.


Such an Unexpected Surprise

The DCI Yoga Lab participants gifted me with seven chakra singing bowls. These magical glass bowls represent the tones of the seven chakras. The word Chakra in ancient Sanskrit means wheel. These energy wheels circulate around the center of the spine and line up with the following parts of the body.

  1.  The first, a low C is the tone of the first chakra at our Coccyx, the tailbone. This is our center of grounding and security, our place in the world.
  2.  The note D, one step up represents the second chakra at the reproductive and sex organs. This is our center of creativity, pleasure and receptivity.
  3.  The third tone E, is identified with our solar plexus, the third chakra. Our sense of determination, vitality and our authentic voice.
  4.  The fourth chakra sounds an F for the Heart center, representing love, compassion, empathy and forgiveness.
  5.  The fifth chakra aligns with the throat. The tone of G. This chakra represents communication, discernment and expansion.
  6.  The sixth chakra, our sixth sense, our spiritual eye is between the eyes. The tone is A representing intuition, wisdom, clarity and vision.
  7.  The seventh chakra and the last is at our crown, the top of the head. It is represented with the tone of B. This is for unity, lightness, freedom and joy.


I love playing the bowls during Savasana. We have the opportunity to experience our seven energy centers that make up our subtle bodies.

What an exquisite and heart-felt gift. Thank you. 

Sat Nam.


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