A Special Thank You

Ron Abel – Arranger and orchestrator, pianist, producer of the CD. Ron lives in NYC and Hollywood and is an award winning arranger and musical director. If you like the sound and quality of my arrangements, it is because of this guy.

Tim Ellis – A legendary guitar player in Portland and owner of Kung Fu Bakery Recording, also played a guitar solo on “I Concentrate On You.”

Bob Stark – Recorded, mixed and mastered “Easy to Love.” Bob is a terrific guy with perfect pitch and the keenest ear in Portland Oregon!

Karen Strand & Pablo Izquierdo – Two of the finest oboists in the country!

Steve Hayworth – French Horn

Tatiana Kolchanova – On violin, has played in several live shows with me.

Paloma Griffin – Played the violin solo on “So In Love”

Anita Hill & Angelika Furtwangler – – Violas

Trevor Fitzpatrick & Katherine Schultz – Celli

Dan Schulte – Double Bass

Jenny Lindner – On Harp… Oh we singers love harps and strings!

Brett Paschal – Professor of drums and percussion at Lewis and Clark College. Brett has played several shows for me and is one of the most expressive drummers in the business! You will hear him on marimba, percussion and drums. He is the “Beat, beat, beat of the Tom-tom!”

Eva Richey – Contracted all of the musicians.