Residents of Lincoln City, Oregon were eager to “come aboard” and raise money in support of art and culture in their community. In Spring 2019, Lincoln City Cultural Center’s South Hall – Historic Delake School was transformed in delightfully charming ways.

Benefit guests entered via a port of call for the “U.S.L.C. Mediterranean Sea.” They enjoyed pre-board festivities in the Games Lounge and were piped aboard the trans-Atlantic ocean liner to dine in style. Those on the star-lit, virtual voyage were treated to dishes from Morocco, Italy, Greece, and France; all generously prepared by Lincoln City’s finest chefs.

After dinner, it was Show Time! Perfectly coordinated with the evening’s theme and enjoyed by all.

” You held the audience in the palm of your hand. It’s great how you always educate your audience. It was a terrific evening!”

– Stacey Brown

We’re in the Money with “An Affair to Remember”

The LCCC benefit, with its 100 guests, is a perfect example of how to mount “An Affair to Remember” in a way that has a “big feel,” while containing costs. The great news about this show, like so many I create, is that it can be scaled up or down to meet the needs of most organizations. It could easily be performed for a select group of donors, in an intimate “club-style” format with piano and drum kit. Or, should your Fundraising Gala call for grand entertainment, “An Affair to Remember” will scale to an elaborately orchestrated performance; featuring full symphony and guest artists.

“An Affair to Remember” is available for fundraising events anywhere it’s needed. Please inquire!

All Aboard the U.S.L.C. Mediterranean Sea

May 4th, 2019 – 5:30pm at the Lincoln City Cultural Center – Historic Delake School – Lincoln City, OR  

Lincoln City Cultural Center was first known as The Lincoln City Arts Forum when established in August 1992. It was renamed the “4C’s” (Coastal Communities Cultural Center) in 1996. In September 2006, the 4C’s leased DeLake School from the city of Lincoln City; and adopted its new business name of Lincoln City Cultural Center (LCCC) in 2007.

The historic DeLake School has been a center for education for the children of Lincoln City since 1929 and LCCC continues this tradition for ALL ages, offering classes in art, dance, music, literature, and theater. The Lincoln City Cultural Center also sponsors play writing contests, fund raisers, and activities to encourage artists of all ages.

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Photo Credits – Deep gratitude for the event photos provided by KRISTINCOLEPHOTOGRAPHY.COM. View Kristen’s work and learn more about her journey with her Pug, Cole – from the Midwest to their first steps onto the sands of the Oregon coast. “I use landscapes large and small to explore the importance of human visual perspective of nature as it informs the meaning of everyday life.” Begin a tour of Kristen’s portfolios here.